Afghanistan’s security forces ‘shrinking sharply’ – SIGAR


The latest report on Afghan security by SIGAR (Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction) claims that the number of Afghan forces has sharply declined over the last year.

It attributes the decline in numbers mainly to desertions and high casualty rates. The numbers have fallen by 10%, and the total number of personnel now stands at just under 300,000, the SIGAR report says.

This report coincided with the April 30 two deadly attacks in Kabul, which killed more than 40 people, including journalists working for foreign news agencies.

Reports of ever more spaces falling under the direct or indirect influence of Taliban are already intensifying the growing sense of insecurity.

“Building up the Afghan forces is a top priority for the US and our international allies, so it is worrisome to see Afghan force strength decreasing,” John Sopko – the SIGAR told a foreign news agency.

A similar study released recently by the BBC News had claimed that the Taliban were active at least in three quarters of the country. The Afghan government refuted the claims.

It has also been reported that the Taliban may have gained on ground, especially because NATO forces are now more focused on a training and advisory role.

US President Donald Trump, due to the ongoing critical security situation, has already announced plans of extending his troops’ stay in Afghanistan. In that regard, the US Army would send an additional 3000 soldiers in order to fight the raging Taliban insurgency.

Read the full SIGAR Report

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