Belt and Road Initiative offers hope for better global order

Illustration: Peter C. Espina/ Global Times

By Toumert Al

As China enters a new era in its rich history of peaceful power, a history based on sharing its values with the world as it did with the great inventions and philosophies of the past, it is important to reflect on the concept of socialism as it is promoted by China as a stable model of governance and prosperity.

China’s achievements since the Communist Party of China took the great responsibility of healing a nation and creating a republic based on equality for the people show that Chinese socialism is a system with proven results.

Lifting millions of people out of poverty, embracing the market economy without forgetting social responsibility, and advancing in technology and research and space discoveries express clearly the success of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

But China is not a selfish, self-oriented nation. It decided to bring its share of success to the world with a shared vision as we shape our future in the 21st century and beyond.

The project that China initiated and is investing in is the Belt and Road (B&R) initiative. It is not a revival of the ancient Silk Road, but a new hope for a better global order.

The B&R initiative is not only bringing market oriented financial solutions. These are needed of course, but it goes further than just being an investment tool. It comes at a vital time, as the world is facing pressure from forces determined to stop progress and harmony between nations.

Did we ever imagine a freight train running from Beijing to London? It may have seemed unlikely but China did it. And this is not the only example of a concrete step toward integrating the economies of the world in the same model of progress and equal opportunities. There have also been maritime links and sea port connections, as well as roads across land linking Asia to Europe and Africa.

And to make sure the integration is not only at the level of infrastructure, China has promoted the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to bring funds to all countries even if they are not in Asia and to support entrepreneurial ideas that supplement infrastructure with the real economy and trade.

Going even further in its push for real global integration, China with the BRICS is supporting nations to reach their potential together, while also opening its market to other nations so that they can benefit from its resources.

This leads us to an important fact: China is promoting equality of access and results in a way that has not been seen before. We are really at the dawn of a new dimension of globalization under the wisdom of China. It is time for nations that seek access and equality and that are willing to work hard to join China in its drive to make a better world.

The author is director of Education, International Bachelor Program at the International School under the China Foreign Affairs University.

Source: Global Times

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