China ‘criticizes the US’ on its handling of racial discrimination protests

China’s Foreign Office Spokesperson Lijian Zhao recently commented on the murder of George Floyd, an African American, and explained Beijing’s position on the issue. “We are following the latest developments around the death of Mr. Floyd, Black Lives Matter and their human rights should be protected. The racial discrimination against minorities is a social ill in the United States, what happened again reflects there are serious problems that should be urgently addressed, that is the racial discrimination and violent law enforcement by police”, Zhao said.

Zhao also warned Washington to “stop imposing restrictions on and suppressing Chinese students” in the United States using various excuses. “People have to ask: Is the notorious McCarthyism in U.S. history coming back? It would be “blatant political prosecution and racism” if Washington takes measures to harm the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese students in the United States”, Zhao added.

The FO spokesperson also went on to criticize the UK for making statements on Hong Kong. “Hong Kong residents have enjoyed unprecedented rights and freedoms since Hong Kong’s return to motherland. We urge the UK side to “step back from the brink”, abandon Cold War & colonial mindset, and stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and other China’s internal affairs”, Zhao said in his tweet.

Previously, Hu Xijin, editor of the Chines daily Global Times, had said that the United States was marking the Tiananmen anniversary “in a unique way”. “US military is being dispatched to the cities and police are opening fire. The US is proving the importance for China to restore order in 1989. But back then, the destruction of China’s order was much worse than US now,” he said on Twitter.

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