Election (2018) Update: ‘ECP striving to hold free and fair elections,’ says CEC

Justice Retd. Sardar Muhammad Raza, Pakistan’s Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), has assured the voters that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is trying its best to ensure free and fair elections in the country on Wednesday.

Raza was speaking through a video message released by the ECP, who also urged the voters to vote on July 25 as it was their duty towards the nation. This duty, according to the CEC, could only be fulfilled if the voters voted responsibly for their candidates.

The ECP, over the past few days, has often released notifications and public service messages to educate voters on the voting process and what instructions to follow on the voting day.

According to Dawn News, the ECP issued a list, on Monday, of requirements that a ballot paper would have to meet in order to be included in the counting process. As per the ECP, Ballot papers that are missing the official code mark or assistant presiding officer’s signature or have a paper attached to them will not be considered valid.

Last week a list was also released by The ECP listing various actions that would constitute a crime on the voting day. According to the list, any one asking a voter who they voted for, spoils the ballot paper or stamps in any way, takes a photo of the ballot paper, among other actions, would constitute a crime and land the perpetrator in the jail for up to 3 months and/or result in a fine of upto Rs. 100,000.


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