Highlighting religious divide, Trump dents Indian narrative on Kashmir

US President Donald Trump, in his recent press talk, has again talked on the Kashmir issue suggesting that ‘religious tensions’ exist in the region, making it a very ‘complicated place’.

When he was asked about the Kashmir crisis, President Trump said that “Kashmir was very complicated place” and that Hindus and Muslims did not go along that well.

Commenting on this statement, Indian journalist Zainab Sikander said that President Trump ‘hit the nail on the head’. “Like it or hate it, the man has hit the nail on the head. Anyone who insists to see J&K’s reorganization and abrogation of article 370 not from the prism of religion is basically playing the fool. It is, which I’ve insisted from the beginning, a decision based on religion”, tweeted Sikander.

It was Trump’s second statement on Kashmir in as many days, making Kashmir an ‘international’ issue and trying to mediate between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Science & Technology Fawad Chaudhry also said that President Trump’s another offer of mediation shows that the world is concerned on “Explosive situation” in Kashmir. He further commented that the world community has rejected Indian PM Modi’s fascists tactics and RSS Nazi philosophy. He finally concluded that this is a watershed moment for Kashmir, as Modi (is) caught in his own net.

President Trump’s statement and his repeated offers for mediation suggest a change in US policy on Kashmir. Even the US State department has recently said that Kashmir might be India’s internal issue, it still had ‘external implications’.

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