Imran Khan — Leading the way

Pakistan, often in the news for all the wrong reasons, finally gets the emancipator who is well known in the world – Imran Khan. For many, he is the only hope towards changing the trajectory of this dysfunctional state with his proven integrity, charisma, starry air and a populist outlook.

By: Rafiq Jan – Doha Qatar

Imran khan was sworn in as the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan in midst of a much-expected furor in the opposition camps.

The smiles and humility that he exuded was overt, but his adversaries beset with hate for him failed to discern the nuances of a great leader’s demeanor. He kick-started his new role with a bang and got the ball rolling. That unique trait of his proves yet again that no matter what, this time around “the guy means business”

His non-traditional approach based on his 22 years of relentless journey of struggle paved the way for PTI to claim majority seats in the elections. . I was amazed to discover that his long-time critics mellowed down after his first speech when he spoke from his heart. They silently admitted that he spoke like a true Pakistani, rather than an elitist Prime Minister.

What impressed and elated me the most was to hear his critics whisper that it wasn’t a Prime minister speaking but it was “them” who spoke…… Apparently exotic but very much an indigenous aura of Imran khan that was never sensed before, by walls of our lordly government chambers, in the history of Pakistan. I clearly noticed a glow on people’s faces and a glimmer of hope lurking behind their unspoken words. They felt the eloquence, wit and the rectitude of Jinnah in his speech.

He didn’t need to prepare his speech like his predecessors. The scarcity of time must have been a constraint that perhaps wouldn’t allow him to speak at length, but the truth is, his words touched the chords of people’s hearts, who have been impoverished and deprived for decades. They were eager and ready to listen to him for hours to seek solace for their agonies.

Pakistan has been a rich grazing field for the self-centered politicians in the last 40 years or so. Imran Khan’s courageous steps declared in his inaugural address are, by a long shot, a stern warning to typical bureaucrats and administration that he expects nothing less than 200 percent from everyone in control of the country’s affairs. His vociferous and exemplary instructions to his cabinet to work 14 hours a day and 16 hours a day for himself clearly speaks volumes of his determination and grit to achieve his goals.

It is sad, but expected, to see unrealistic arguments from his rivals about his ambitious dreams. They have indirectly revealed their own weaknesses and inabilities for failing to achieve what they were expected to deliver in their regimes. They are endorsing the veracity of Imran khan’s narratives of two decades. Their short-sighted views about his plans will rather underpin his determination instead of weakening it. Their outcry at his groundbreaking speech revealed serious flaws in the political culture that ruled Pakistan so far.

His sincere reforms’ initiatives of putting Pakistan onto a true Islamic system of governance are being ridiculed by his critics including some religious zealots. A traditional outpour of envy with no genuine reasons. In a society blindfolded by confusion of thought, the reforms by Imran Khan ought to be welcomed with open arms. But unfortunately, the morally subjugated and ethically impoverished roups misinterpreted his honest initiatives. The deeply imbedded virus of corruption, ignorance and negativity plagued the elites of country to the extent where they feel cornered and eventually jobless with this unusual but a beautiful change in the political arena.

Pakistan’s rogue political leadership in last 30 years miserably failed to nurture the true values in their followers. They merely commanded a multitude of masses who were nothing more than a herd of cattle for them. They worked to perpetuate their command and control, and threw the nation into an abyss. They have been so cozy and conceited with the luxuries that they failed to perceive the impending repercussions of their oppressive rule in the past. They were in a state of stupor and obsessed with their short-term supremacy and petty achievements against weak domestic uprisings on occasions.

Pakistan needs an honest leader like Imran Khan, who has the potential and will to reform the nation with a resolute trust in his people’s strengths. Only those honest to Pakistan’s cause can get to the crux of his philosophy. He loves tigers and knows well how a cornered tiger recoils. So, his opponents are the political rivals who can foresee their doomsday. Imran khan is committed to revamp Pakistan’s old and rusty system. Those who failed to deliver in the past will be rooted out, including his own teammates who may think his tenure will be just like his predecessors.

Imran khan’s message is clear to all the stake holders. The message is that he enjoys the rollercoaster rides and anyone daring to join his cohort must have a strong will and heart to continue. He has successfully weathered the stormy seas and has no interest in wasting even a single moment of this important time at his hands.

He has all it takes to be the nation’s leader. He is among the few who love to sow dreams and then fight hard to achieve them with a strong will, spirit and a killer instinct. He knew how to empower his team and work on them to achieve the objectives. He enjoys the jeering remarks and invective tirades of his political rivals with a belief that soon he will be able to convince them that they were all wrong.

I am restless to see the day of his dreams taking shape in my life, when Pakistan regains its lost glory and respect it deserves. Pakistan needs a complete makeover and it is possible only under the leadership of Imran khan.

Let me proudly quote the words of my favorite Think-tank,

Pakistan’s dormant inherent corrective dynamics have come alive. These dynamics will force all the power blocs and individuals to stay on course. Thus, I look at the next 15 years as the best ever for Pakistan”

But my intuition says not only 15——-this will be eternal, insha Allah….



Rafiq Jan—Qatar



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  1. I agree with every word of yours, Imran has given hope to the nation. I hope this aura of hope will sustain and the nation would not be overcome by our national trait of impatience.

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