Imran Khan ‘our best bet for peace since Musharraf’, says former RAW Chief

AS Dulat, former chief of India’s Research and Analysis Wing(R&AW), has said that Pakistani PM Imran Khan should be given a chance for Indo-Pak peace. He also said that PM Khan was India’s best bet for peace after General Musharraf. “After former Pakistan president general Pervez Musharraf, Imran is our best bet,” Dulat said at an event in Chandigarh on Saturday.

Dulat further said that even though President Musarraf is considered a “villain of Kargil”, there has not been a more reasonable leader in Pakistan in the past three decades. “Musharraf was the villain of Kargil,but there has not been a more reasonable leader in Pakistan in 30 years. It’s sad that once he disappeared a lot less was done”, Dulat further said.

Dulat also believed that talks were the “only way forward”for both India and Pakistan. Elaborating on this, Dulat said, “Talks are the only way forward for both nuclear-armed nations. I would even suggest an institutional arrangement between the intelligence agencies of both countries,”

Retired Lt Gen Kamal Davar, the first director general of the Defence Intelligence Agency, also agreed with Dulat on PM Khan and Indo-Pak peace. He believed that Imran Khan could change things in the subcontinent. “We feel he is a puppet but he is a self-respecting man. Don’t push him into a corner,” Davar said.

Story Source: Hindustan Times

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