Imran Khan’s victory speech at a glance

Chalking out the road-map for next 5 years

Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has emerged as the single-largest party following the counting of votes in the country’s General Elections, held on July 25. In his much awaited speech, he thanked the Almighty Allah that after 22 years of struggle, his prayers were finally answered.

The victory speech of Khan, the prime minister-in-waiting, has been widely hailed as mature, balanced and encouraging by political commentators and analysts and the common public. While addressing the nation, Imran Khan spoke at length on various issues. Below are the take away points from his victory speech.

  • PTI government will take ownership of the poor.
  • PTI government will spend more on human development.
  • PTI aspires to create a welfare state, keeping the State of Medina in perspective.
  • Extreme focus on the empowerment of ‘ghareeb tabqa’ (poor people). No country can flourish if there’s an island of rich and a sea of the poor. Equitable distribution of wealth to be be ensured.
  • Rule of law will be the PTI’s government key priority.
  • Meritocracy will be made certain.
  • I (Imran Khan) have forgotten all the personal attacks on my personality and want a united Pakistan now.
  • Strong state institutions to stop corruption; I (Imran Khan) and my cabinet will be held accountable first, before anybody else.
  • The economy is the biggest challenge Pakistan faces presently. As the head of the government, Imran Khan said he would improve governance, improve on the ease of doing business and get Pakistani nationals living overseas to invest in the country.
  • I (Imran Khan) pledge that PTI government will safeguard tax payer’s money and will adopt stringent austerity measures.
  • I would feel ashamed to live in lavish Prime Minister House. The sprawling home of Pakistan’s Prime Minister will be dedicated to the people and will be turned into an educational institution (or something like that for the good of the people).
  • The official residences of Governors will be part of the sweeping austerity measure – they will be turned into hotels or any other revenue-generating venture and the proceeds to go towards lifting the economy
  • Industrial policies to be made taking business community on board, to create more wealth.
  • PTI government will reform tax culture, strengthen and re-structure Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), and strengthen National Accountability Bureau (NAB).
  • PTI Government will help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and farmers. Skills based education for the youth will be one of the key priorities.
  • Foreign Policy: good relations with neighbors, strengthening relations with Afghanistan, mutually beneficial relations with the US on equal footing and kick-starting meaningful relations with India along with tangible negotiations on Kashmir. Trade ties to be pursued with India, as it will benefit both countries. Iran, Saudi Arabia and Middle Eastern countries are good friends of Pakistan. Pakistan will try to act as a reconciliation party in in bringing them together.
  • Poverty alleviation techniques to be learnt from China, which brought millions of people out of poverty in last 30 years.
  • Any constituency which is under grey clouds, PTI government will help investigate those constituencies. PTI requested to open only 4 constituencies in 2013, but all went against PTI. I (Imran Khan) will stand with everyone who wants to open any constituency for investigation/recounting.

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