In 2018, US drops 7,362 weapons in airstrikes in Afghanistan

The US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan conducted its highest number of airstrikes in a decade in 2018. Moreover these strikes were more than the combined number of three previous years.

In total, the US drones and aircrafts dropped around 7,362 weapons in 2018 in Afghanistan, according to the numbers released by US Air Force Central Command.

“Throughout the last year, the air component has supported multiple ongoing campaigns, deterred aggression, maintained security, and defended our networks,” said Lt. Gen. Joseph Guastella, Combined Forces Air Component Commander in a press statement.

This escalation in airstrikes was supported by freed up warplanes from Syria and Iraq, as a result on decline of the influence of ISIS in both the countries. However, many fighters from ISIS has now moved to Afghanistan.  

According to official sources, Aircraft operating under the Combined Forces Air Component Command flew 8,196 sorties in 2018, nearly double the amount of sorties than in 2017, the data shows.

However, on the other hand, even though with these high number of airstrikes, the US government is also pursuing peace with the Taliban in Afghanistan. 

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