Indian-Controlled Kashmir CM Mufti ironically blames China for turmoil in the region

Politics in India and the Indian controlled Kashmir took a funny turn when Chief Minister J&K Mehbooba Mufti, who met Indian union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, blamed China of interference and turmoil in Kashmir.

Ms Mufti also said there were concerns on China’s role in the region, and that the country was directly responsible for the turmoil in the valley. It was ironic that she failed to mention use of force and human rights violation by the Indian army in the region.

She also blamed Pakistan in the same vein and said that the terror funding from Pakistan would be curbed.

“It is not a law and order fight in Kashmir. There are other forces involved in the disturbance in the valley. China is trying to get involved in creating a ruckus in the region. Until all political parties and the country supports us in our cause, we won’t be able to win this war,” said Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti

Ms. Mufti also claimed that all the political parties in India were united to find a solution to the Kashmir, yet the reality on the ground shows otherwise.

Unfazed by its mass-blinding of innocent Kashmiris, the Indian government is now developing stink bombs to keep the stone-pelters and protesters away from the security forces.

The Guardian had claimed in 2016 that the Indian security forces were responsible for one of biggest mass blinding campaigns in history, during its operations in Kashmir. The forces are now commonly using pellet guns on unarmed protesters, including children, without remorse.

It is claimed that in 2016, the Indian security forces injured more than 17,000 children and adults and arrested more than 5000 Kashmiris.

The region has recently witnessed a renewed wave of protests against the atrocities of the Indian government and security forces, which has also resulted in a house arrests of key political figures in the valley.

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