India’s decision to cancel New York meeting invites criticism

India’s eleventh hour decision to cancel an informal meeting between the foreign ministers of both the countries has invited strong criticism on the social media. India’s External Ministry, yesterday, announced that the decision to pull out of the meeting, which had been announced just a day earlier, followed the killing of Indian guards in Kashmir. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi regretted the decision saying that “clapping can’t be done with a single hand.” Moreover, Indian daily The Hindu, in its editorial, argued that India’s reasons for this ‘flip-flop’ were far from convincing.

Below are some reactions on the decision from Twitter:

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  1. This normal for BJP or India to burn their own railway carriages, attack their own Parliament building or their airbase, may be Taj Mahal in Mumbai or next time in Agra for one reason that bilateral talks never take place.

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