Letter: Don’t miss the (election) boat, Pakistan

By Rafiq Jan (Doha, Qatar)

Pakistan is going for another parliamentary election, amid a highly tensed and unpredictable political atmosphere. While a the former ruling party, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, laments the indictment of its chief “Nawaz Sharif”, Asif Ali Zardar is hoping to use his magic again while his fate hangs in balance with impending fraud cases to be re-opened anytime soon if Imran Khan’s PTI gets power at the national level.

Many more demagogs and stalwarts are busy repeating the mundane rituals of wooing their voters.

This works well in third world countries like ours where feudal lords and corrupt politicians always take the masses for granted. They appear like mushrooms every five years, displaying sparkles of wealth and leisurely shower money in order to gain public support.

I am a proud and patriotic Pakistani living overseas for the last 35 years. I preferred not to seek any Permanent Residence (or immigration) like millions of others, who do so in pursuit of a better and rather much secured life than they imagine back home.

I have previously worked with multi-national corporations and several Blue-chip organizations in various countries. I have also travelled the world extensively to explore its beauty and witnessed various avenues of unexplored nature.

However, what I always carried were my feelings for Pakistan, especially a sense of deprivation while comparing the development and prosperity in developed countries and progressive approach of their leaders.

My heart aches at the miserable state of Pakistan, which hase been battered by its own inhabitants and torched by its own candles.

Why has no one, in the population of 200 million, ever thought the way I do? Perhaps many did but without a sense of purpose. Why have all those civilian elites, the tycoons, industrialists, politicians, the government ministers, the military dictators and the powerful establishment, treated Pakistan like a rich grazing field?

It is about time for these elites to stop playing the game of Russian Roulette with Pakistan. Pakistan needs our dedication the way our ancestors had towards the country. If we wish to survive as a respectable nation in the global arena, we have no other choice but to reflect on our mistakes since independence. We need to do so with a belief that we are a nation forged by Jinnah’s vision. He trusted us to keep his dream of a prospering Pakistan alive.

My plea to all my compatriots is to shed your mutual superficial differences. Kill your political, religious, sectarian, racial, social and parochial biases to emerge as a united entity for the sake of our motherland. Come out of your comfort zone to awaken and listen to your inner leader dying to be discovered.

Pakistan is bleeding. It needs our utmost attention for a renaissance and fulfilling of Jinnah’s dreams in making Pakistan a leader of the Muslim world and a respectable state in the modern world. Please come out fully to utilize the power of your votes for genuine, honest and deserving candidates, who are bold enough to face the challenges, both local and global, ahead.

Don’t sell your dreams cheap. Trust your guts and entrust your destiny in the safe hands of those who can fight for your rights at any forum of the world to bring back the lost glories of Pakistan…

Long live Pakistan…..


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