Letter: Kartarpur Corridor and the new hope for peace

In the 21st Century, borders are just symbolic lines drawn on maps that must not create fissures between nations.

The groundbreaking ceremony of the Kartarpur entry corridor yesterday by the PM Imran Khan was, indeed, a dream come true for the Sikh community across the globe. This eventful ceremony signified the need to think that borders and boundaries are built only to demarcate the physical existence of the land. They aren’t drawn to isolate the human population from each other. Borders are merely the lines for the inhabitants to feel glorious about calling their land “their motherland”.

Humans are the beauty of this universe, and so are the birds, the singing breeze and the rivers. However, except human beings, all of them do not believe in boundaries and are not deterred by borders and divides.

Valleys are neither heavenly nor hellish by default; those attributes are related to them due to those who live in them. Good humans make them heaven, whereas the wicked turn them into hell.

We, the humans of this world, have not achieved anything by fortifying ourselves in the imaginary concrete and barbed walls called the borders; despite all the outrageous evolution in our lives.

The fall of the Berlin Wall bridged the decades-old chasm between Germans on both the sides, and became a symbolic global event that helped bring other nations together as well. Those nations in Europe seemed to have nothing in common, but as a matter of fact, they always had many things in common.

One of those common factor was the blood flowing through their veins, which could not be separated by the imaginary division of land. They had animus for each other for undefined reasons, while knowing that both shared the same soil and inhabited the same planet.

And above all they learned it the hardest way to discover that their future was only guaranteed in their co-existence. There had always been a realization that a sense needed to prevail. And the world witnessed one day that in Germany, after 31 years, finally a much sought-after sense prevailed when the Berlin wall was brought down.

The fall of Berlin wall did more than joining of the two countries. It reunited two brothers estranged for three decades. It brought the dawn of a new era for humans, who had eventually realized they never had anything between them to fight for.

Only true leaders are courageous enough to take bold decisions and see farther than others. Pakistan’s Prime Minister fulfilled his commitment; which he made on his first day in the office stating that he was willing to walk an extra mile towards breaking the shackles of hatred and animosity between the two neighbors. This big day of removing hurdles for millions of Sikh pilgrims will have bring positive effects on the bilateral ties of both the neighbors. It took 71 long years to open the corridor, however, it is truly the day to celebrate the victory of the religious freedom, peace and tolerance.

This letter was sent by Rafiq Jan, our regular reader and contributor from Doha, Qatar.







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