Letter: Our own brethren hurting us!

I have seldom expressed my bias against our Muslim brothers who opted to stay put in India in 1947. They are our brothers–but they become more dangerous to us when, in order to survive or for money/material dividends, they become foreign tools to harm our motherland.
After all Sheikh Abdullah, Farooq/Omar Abdullah, Mufti Saeed/Mehbooba Mufti, Najma Heptullah, Mukhtar Naqvi, Haseena Wajid, Gen Sher M Karimi, Umar Daudzai, , and their likes–are also Muslims. They have damaged Pakistan more than the Hindus & Sikhs–and they’re still doing it.
The BBC and other premier media houses have written/broadcast gigantic, evidence-based, material explaining how RAW has been using MQM to destabilise Karachi/urban Sindh. Pakistan has raised this issue with Downing Street/FCO time and again but due to strong economic ties (£20 billion a year) with New Delhi, Her Majesty’s government is not taking any action against RAW/New Delhi. They aren’t extraditing Altaf Hussain to Pakistan. What a shame, due to incompetent/self-centred Pakistani diplomatic representatives in important countries, Pakistan hasn’t made gains even from Kulbhushan saga.
Pakistan can’t pester Britain any further due to being recipient of DfID’s nearly £800 million a year. On the contrary, our politicians and bureaucrats have properties worth £3 billion in Britain. You can’t have honour/autonomy if you receive charity/aid. India has rejected Britain’s DfID aid three times during last 7 years. An economic slave can’t be a company at the dining table.
Ejaz Hussain, London

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