Pakistan, Russia sign MoU for naval cooperation

Pakistan and Russia have as signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to enhance bilateral naval cooperation. The MoU is an addition to an already bolstering defence cooperation between both the countries. Pakistan navy’s spokesperson said that the MoU was signed during the Vice Chief of Naval Staff Vice Admiral Kaleem Shaukat’s visit to Russia.

Both Russia and Pakistan are confident that the MoU will help in further enhancing bilateral naval cooperation between both the countries. The Vice-Chief of Naval Staff also called on the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Federation. Vice Admiral Kaleem Shaukat, while calling on the Russian Commander in Chief, also discussed various defence and security issues, especially the situation in the Indian Ocean.

Vice Admiral Shaukat also discussed Pakistan’s contribution towards the fight against terrorism, including Pakistan navy’s role in maintaining maritime security in the region. The Russian Commander in Chief also praised Pakistan navy’s role towards maritime security in the region.

Both the countries, in recent years, have worked towards improving bilateral ties and security cooperation. Hence, both Russia and Pakistan are now involved in defence cooperation at the highest level such as holding joint military exercises.

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