Pakistan’s defence base better than India, admits Indian vice army chief


India’s Vice Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Sarath Chand, a top Army general, argued that Pakistan had a better military industrial base and exports more defence equipment than India, as he came down heavily on ordnance factories which manufacture weapons for the forces. This came as a rare acknowledgement and praise from across the border; something rarely observed.

Lt. Gen. Sarath Chand also said the ordnance factories have not been able to keep pace with changing technology while “there is no competition whatsoever” and it is “an unsuccessful method of supporting our defence requirements”, hinting towards a number of military defense deals that India had to make overseas.

Commenting on Pakistan, he said, “I would even go to the extent of saying that Pakistan probably has a better industrial base, as far as defence production is concerned, than our country. In fact they export defence equipment abroad, definitely more than what we are doing,”.

He further argued, “It is very hard to see ordnance factories changing in the present state. Overall it has become an unsuccessful method of supporting our defence requirements,” he said. Chand was speaking at the inaugural session of AMICON 2017, a two-day conference organised by the Army and the CII.

We have to say that such compliments would do a lot of good in the current tensions faced by both the countries, especially on the Line of Control.

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