PM Imran Khan lashes out at President Trump for making false assertions

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has lashed out at the US President Trump for saying that Pakistan “doesn’t do anything” despite getting “billions of dollars” from the United States. In a series of tweets, PM Khan said that the record needed to be put straight to President Trump in terms of how Pakistan, even with no involvement in the 9/11 attacks, suffered over 75,000 casualties and $123 billion in losses.

Further rebutting Trump’s claims on “billions of dollars in aid”, PM Khan said that the US aid to Pakistan was a “miniscule” $20 billion. Moreover, PM Khan further explained how Pakistan’s Pashtun tribal areas were devastated and millions of people uprooted from their homes as a result of the War on Terror.

PM Khan also raised questions on USA’s “performance” in Afghanistan stating that rather than making a scapegoat out of Pakistan, the US required a serious assessment of why the Taliban were stronger than before in Afghanistan.

Concluding his series of tweets, PM Khan said that Trump’s statement was an “insult to injury” to Pakistan’s losses in the War on Terror, and hence the US president needed to be informed about historical facts.

Shireen Mazari, Pakistan’s Minister for Human Rights, also recently took to twitter to criticise Trump’s statements. She also reminded the US of the losses Pakistan has incurred in the US War on Terror.

“Trump’s tirade against Pakistan & his claim that Pakistan does not do “a damn thing” for the US should be a lesson for those Pakistani leaders who kept appeasing the US especially after the 9/11. The renditions; the loss of Pakistani lives in US War on Terror; the free space for Raymond Davis & other operatives; etc etc”, Mazari said in her tweet, also adding that the list of what Pakistan had done in this war, and its suffering, is endless.

She further brought up the issue of the “illegal” US drone strikes and illegal civilian killings in those attacks, saying that the history shows that appeasement does not work. Moreover, she further said that the US policy of “containment and isolation” does not coincide with Pakistan’s strategic interests.a

Mazari further said that the US President ‘suffers conveniently from perpetual historic amnesia!’

Pakistan’s former Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif also responded to Trump’s statement saying that Pakistan “continued to pay in blood for fighting (US) wars that weren’t ours”.

Senator Mushahid Hussain, in a series of tweets, also corrected President Trump’s figures on the financial aid given to Pakistan in coalition support fund. Mushahid Hussain said that “President Trump conveniently forgets that Pakistan gave the US free use of Ground Lines of Communication (GLOCs) & Air Lines of Communication (ALOCs), totalling over a million overflights on Pakistani territory since 9/11, and, in return, the US continues to withhold Pakistani money!”

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