Public Diplomacy, the German Way

Source: @KoblerinPAK

Martin Kobler – the German Ambassador to Pakistan – has made a name for himself and won over Pakistanis since his arrival, mostly through his social awareness campaigns on Twitter. Moreover, his tweets also suggest that the Ambassador takes social issues – such as environment and climate change – seriously creating awareness among Pakistanis.

A quick glance at his tweets also suggests that the diplomat keeps an eye on all major developments taking place in Pakistan and does not shy away from voicing his constructive opinion. Pakistanis believe that the German diplomat, through his Public Diplomacy, has played a major part in promoting a peaceful image of Pakistan.

Below are some of his important tweets since his arrival:

Ambassador Kobler shared his appreciation for Pakistan’s beautiful landscapes on the World Tourism Day yesterday:

In April this year, he shared photos of the restored Khaplu palace in Gilgit Baltistan, promoting the region’s tourism:

In June this year, he tweeted his support for water conservation in the country amid concerns for sever water shortage in the coming years:

In another Tweet, in July, the diplomat shared his appreciation for the Tourist Facilitation Center at Chitral Airport during his Shandur trip:

The diplomat has also encouraged Pakistanis to recycle their waste:

Finally, in June, the Ambassador not only thanked the Pakistani followers for their support on Twitter, but also extended a personal invitation to his 40,000th follower:

It is not surprising that most Pakistanis are in love with Martin Kobler:


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