Pulwama attack and Indian paranoia?

Ever since the suicide attack in Indian-held Kashmir, killing over 40 Indian soldiers, took place in Pulwama on Thursday, both the Indian government and media have wasted no time in pinning the attack directly on the state of Pakistan.

However, in doing so, the Indian media especially has been peddling “fake news” to “enthusiastically” reveal the name of the mastermind behind the attack.

India TV, one of the major news networks in India, recently “revealed” how Ghazi Abdul Rasheed was the prime suspect and mastermind behind the Pulwama attack. Ironically, Rasheed was killed in July 2007 in what became the famous “Lal Masjid Operation” in Islamabad.

Since the attack, the Indian government and PM Modi have been hell bent on beating war drums, without realising that Pakistan gains nothing from attack, especially when it is busy in working overtime on the economic and Afghan fronts (facilitating the peace process). Moreover, the attack comes at a critical time when Pakistan is not only hosting the Saudi Crown Prince, but also the Afghan Taliban delegation in Islamabad.

When it comes to jingoism and ultra-nationalism, the domestic politics in both India and Pakistan are poles apart. There is little attention given to Indian politics in Pakistan, unless there is a terrorist attack that is directly connected with India. However, the Indian PM Modi and the have BJP thrived on anti-Pakistan narrative, especially since the (fake) surgical strike saga. The surgical strike episode and subsequent tweets by “all” Indian celebrities and twitter “influencers” also suggested how it has become nearly impossible to oppose or show dissent against the Hindutva advocates.

The situation has been further complicated with the infiltration of RSS activists and members in the current government and military setup. Such an infiltration has also resulted in harassment of officials who have been involved in investigation of incidents of terrorism against minorities allegedly perpetrated by extremists in India. Moreover, human rights activists and dissidents have also fell victim to this shrinking of liberal space in India.

In such circumstances, it is BJP and Modi who will ultimately gain from a war-narrative, which will further entrench the liberal and left-leaning voices in India, and further fan the wave of ultra-nationalism in India.



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