Rep. Ilhan Omar lends support to people of Kashmir and Assam

US Representative Ilhan Omar has criticized the Indian government, saying that Kashmir was part of a pattern against Islam by Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party. While speaking in support of the Kashmiri people, she also pointed out reports of (Muslim) detention camps in India’s northeastern state of Assam. In a recent controversial citizenship registration drive, nearly two million people failed to prove their Indian citizenship, with Modi government vowing to expel the “illegal” immigrants. In her tweet, summarising her comments at the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Omar wrote:

Kashmiris have been restricted from communicating outside their country for 50+ days. In Assam, almost 2 million people are being asked to prove their citizenship. This is how the Rohingya genocide started. At what point do we question whether PM Modi shares our values?

The US assistant Secretary of State Alice Wells also at the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing said: The US shares the concerns with lawmakers and constituents on the “manner” in which Indian authorities have implemented the decision. She also mentioned the detentions of hundreds of politicians, including 3 former CMs.

Members of the committee, along with criticising Indian actions in Kashmir, expressed their concerns on the Modi government’s actions in Assam.

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