SC rejects Sharifs’ review petition, Twitter reacts!

A full bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, today, rejected review petitions filed on behalf of the Sharif family, his children, and finance minister Ishaq Dar, against the July 28th Panama verdict.

The verdict came after the bench, headed by Justice Saeed Khosa, heard arguments from the defense counsel, Khwaja Haris, who presented a number of arguments against certain parts of the July 28 verdict.

During the review petition hearings, a number of important remarks were made by the judges in the bench assuring Nawaz’s counsel that Supreme Court and its judges were fair to all the parties, thus asking the ruling party to keep trust in the judicial system, rather than taking the matters to the streets.

“We are just and fair to all,” Justice Khosa said. Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed also said: “Have faith in us and not in the streets.” Justice Khosa addressing both the counsel said: “There is the legislature and you [PML-N] are running all the institutions. If you want to make changes in the law or Constitution, it is up to you, but we [judges] will perform our duty what is written in the Constitution.”

Soon after the decision, Pakistan’s social media, especially twitter, erupted with a number of conflicting opinions.

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