USA drops record bombs on Afghanistan in 2019: report

The United States forces stationed in Afghanistan have dropped a record number of bombs this year in the country, marking a 10 year high according to figures released by the US Air Force in a report.

According to the report, the US Air Force dropped over 7,400 bombs on targets in Afghanistan in 2019, marking a rise from a total 7,362 bombs dropped in 2018. These numbers were reported by the US Air Forces Central Command (AFCENT) on Monday.

The figure also marks a sharp spike in bombings in Afghanistan when compared to 2009, where 4,147 bombs were dropped under President Barack Obama.

A breakdown of the figures can be found below:

(Source: AFCENT)

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  1. US is only implementing the doctrine of depopulation of afro-asian nations by Henry Kissinger to save the economy of Europe and other White Caucasian nations.

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