[Video] Defining the Chinese philosophy of governance – Prof. Zhang Weiwei

What’s it like living in Communist China?  What is the ultimate test for a political system? Democratic or otherwise should not be the judge, it is a matter of good governance versus the bad. In this episode, Prof. Zhang Weiwei illustrates the Chinese philosophy for the principles of governance. Zhang Weiwei is the founder and Director of the China Institute at the Fudan University (复旦大学中国研究院)in Shanghai. Prof. Zhang served as a senior translator for Deng Xiaoping during the 1980s.  His book “The China Wave: Rise of a Civilizational State”, having sold over a million copies, is one of the most popular books on the topic of the rise of China among Chinese readers.

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  1. Separate Religion from the State and we can follow the politico-economic philosophy of Zhou en Lai. Which he taught Deng Xiaoping. Who taught the present leadership of China.

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