[Video] – Gordon Brown admits USA misled UK over Iraq Invasion

After ex-PM Tony Blair was blasted by the Chilcot Inquiry (into Britain’s role in Iraq Invasion) for not being truthful with the British people, another former PM Gordon Brown recently alleged that the Secret US intelligence report on weapons of mass destruction was not shared with Tony Blair’s cabinet. Brown also claimed that the US knew that Saddam Hussein did not have WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Destruction), however, wrong intelligence was shared with his country.  In this extraordinary allegation, Brown also claims that knowing the truth at that time could have changed the course of events. The revelation leads Brown to conclude that the “war could not be justified as a last resort and invasion cannot now be seen as a proportionate response”.

Video Source: ITV

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  1. My concerns are: what the world is doing to penalise these two countries (USA & UK) for their terrorist activities in Iraq war and convicting Tony Blair and George Bush on their war crimes.
    Look what is going on in Syria. With recent Russia’s struggle for peace in this region I don’t think it will last for long. Those “I repeat ‘those’” viscous animals who are sucking human blood day and night at the cost of their ever growing greed for resources will not sit at rest. Unfortunately or what we can see ironically all these heinous and greedy animals reside mostly in these two countries!
    *Would this world order last for long? When there are abundance of atrocities with never ending greed – I think we are at the last edge of the recent world order or so called peace*.

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