[Watch] 550th Birthday of Baba Guru Nanak

The Sikh community around the globe celebrates the 550thbirthday of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikh religion. He was born in the year 1469 in Nankana Sahib, a small city in the Punjab Province in Pakistan. 

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was, from a young age, a gifted individual. He had an incredibly sound mind, with contemplative skills. It was evident from the beginning that the child had special abilities. His mother was a devout Hindu, yet he rejected the religion, based on the unjust societal norms they defined, according to him. He wanted to abolish the class system, having defied it already himself.

Guru Nanak Dev was sixteen years old when he was already a master of several languages. He wrote several compositions in these languages, which are now defined as divine. At the age of 18, Sri Guru Nanak received divine revelation from God, which put him on a path of spirituality. He then took upon himself the mission to preach “Sikhi” to the world.

Guru Nanak later settled in the town of Kartarpur in Punjab, during the later years of his life. He introduced the concept of community kitchens called ‘Langar’. This would promote equality, allowing people to sit together with each other, regardless of their economic or social status. Sri Guru Nanak preached Sikhi with teachings of equality amongst men and women, and the poor and the rich. He spoke to Muslims about Mercy, and how that was the trait of a true Muslim. He spoke to Hindus about keeping away from theft, or greed. His teachings made him a leader and gave him a following from several religions. 

He passed away on the 22ndSeptember, in the year 1539. He left behind a legacy, a heavily followed religion, and a successor  Guru Angad (Bhai Lehna) to carry on his work. On the eve of his 550thbirthday, we not only celebrate the founder of Sikhism, but also an illuminated soul that taught people about mono-theism, equality, no-violence and the concept of sharing among people from across all religions.

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