[Watch] Indian officer confesses to Indian involvement in terrorism in Pakistan on live TV

Major Gaurav Arya, a retired officer in the Indian military, confessed to Indian involvement in terrorism in Pakistan’s Balochistan province. During a talk show on the “righ-wing” Republic TV, Arya had openly threatened Pakistan and had claimed that not only was he in contact with Baloch separatists, but had also predicted a terror attack in Balochistan. His statement came two days before six FC soldiers, including a major, were martyred in an IED blast near the Pakistan-Iran border.

While speaking in the talk show, Arya said, “Today on live television I would like to make a claim. I am in touch with Baloch freedom fighters. And they said that we will give the Pakistani Army such a bloody nose that these people will remember for ten generations. They are my friends and I have their contact numbers in mobile (cell) phone”.

Watch his claims below:

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