Why Christchurch attack raises more questions on Western media’s role

By Rafiq Jan

“I wish I could have killed more invaders, and more traitors as well”…… were the words of the terrorist without any remorse after killing worshipers in one of the safest countries on the planet.

What caused even more fury and anxiety amongst the civilized societies of the world was the callousness of the super powers in denouncing the terrorist activity outright. Once again, a white supremacist chose a minority group as a soft target to spew the venom with an ominous overture of a manifest of extreme anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant ideology.

Christchurch massacre, apart from being a unique terrorist activity, brings some tough points for the Muslim nations to ponder contextually:

Firstly, the uniqueness of this attack is evident due to the reason that unlike all the previous terrorist attacks in Europe or America, this one didn’t carry any slogan. Those were later proven to be the acts of someone’s individual frustration that ended up in killing few innocent humans before being arrested and shown on international media houses. That could plausibly be taken as “popularity stunt of a mentally sick person”.

But Christchurch shooting carries a plan called a “manifesto”. An extremist terrorist’s manifesto posted online before the attack, identifying himself including his nationality as an Australian. Hence the authorities knew 10 minutes before the attack but there was no action taken. A proof of how the western media manipulated the western audience with anti-Muslim propaganda.

Secondly, this barbaric act of killing is an extrication that terrorism has no faith, race, religion, ethnicity, ideology or nationality. Any of those when amplified to the extremities can be a justification by the perpetrators for violence against civilians anywhere around the world.

Thirdly, having said all that in context of the highly condemnable attack in New Zealand, questions arise for the role of western mainstream media in its dissemination of propaganda against Islam and Muslims. Highly effective and vocal media personnel and politicians have always tried to paint, both consciously and unconsciously, the Muslims as uniquely prone to terrorism.

All those people involved should have bowed their heads in shame and paused for a long reflection. They lied for decades to implicate a religion and its followers. And unfortunately, their lies may well have contributed to radicalize this white terrorist behind the Christchurch attack. The world community needs to act upon the fact how media has been used to portray Muslims, especially Muslim immigrants, in the west in a negative light.

It is of utmost importance to note that the Indian media in many ways is more dangerous than the western mainstream media in systematic dehumanizing Muslims all over the world. The anti-Islam news programs coming out of Indian media houses openly scapegoat Pakistan and Muslims throughout the world as the root cause of all the troubles.

Hence, it is not only the Western but also the Indian media that may have played in role in spreading this global hatred against Muslims. Hence, the time has come for all those who blamed Muslims and slandered the religion for atrocities in the world to reflect on whether they can see the blood on their hands on a tragic day like this in New Zealand.

They need to rethink their strategies about the new world order. If the new world order must be executed at the risk of an indiscreet bloodshed, then unfortunately we are moving fast backwards to the Stone Age.

The author is based in Qatar.










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