Why is IS not banned by Sri Lanka and Maldives? – Muheed Jeeran

Today I heard that Maldives nationals were arrested in Sri Lanka, who will be produced before the court on Monday. Out of these students, four were studying aircraft engineering and the other was studying Political Science. The reason for their arrest is not clear, however it seems to be the possession of “air rifles without proper licence”. 

IS/Daesh has been designated as a terrorist organisation by the United Nations and many individual countries. It is a theocracy proto-state and a Salafi/Wahhabi group. Its ideology represents radical Salafi Islam, a strict, puritanical form of Sunni Islam. 

On a per-capita basis, more foreign recruits to the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) have come from the Maldives than any other country – between 250 and 450. It’s stated that the Maldives has become one of the world’s biggest exporters of ISIS foot soldiers. Yet, Maldives has failed to ban ISIS. 

Sri Lanka is well aware that IS is a global terror outfit and that certain people from Sri Lanka did travel to Syria to join ISIS, so why did Sri Lanka fail to ban this terror group but requested other countries to ban the LTTE?

The statement from Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe regards to failure on arresting Sri Lankans who have returned from Syria after ISIS lost its stronghold Syrian forces.

He stated that there is no law to arrest them, however, on the other hand, President Sirisena is stating that we have no law to Ban the National Tawheed Jamath.

Bear in mind, lawmakers are elected to implement laws. Why have they failed to pass a law to abolish the citizenship in the past against the people who joined the Islamic State?

Why can’t the parliament pass an Act immediately to ban any radicalized Islamist Organization that promotes hate and violence?

Also, we must ban Sinhalese and other organizations that promote hate and violence against minorities. However, before we ban these groups, we must ban our President and Prime Minister from giving controversial statements to the foreign media. 

The current Government’s soft approach is the weakest point for such a ruthless global terror outfit to infiltrate into Sri Lanka and prepare fertile ground for breeding terrorists. I am ashamed to see the reaction of politicians towards the Black Easter Atrocity. It’s like a bunch clowns in a circus who are trying to impress the spectators. 

When a country is in an emergency situation, there won’t be any politics but sadly, politics still exists. The main strategy of controlling an emergency situation is to work as a team while throwing out our political differences, but unfortunately politicians are busy collecting brownie points for their political benefits. This strange attitude of politicians will strengthen the terror groups further and it will take years to eradicate them. 

During an emergency, even the government failed to come to a common understating of appointment of a defence Secretary. I am warning that this is a very serious issue that our country is facing. Ranil is boasting that we can bounce back like Bali, Indonesia, to recover the tourism industry.

But Sri Lanka presents a different picture compared to the Bali incident.

According to my understanding, well-educated and well-to-do youth are trapped in the ISIS terror agenda and it is not easy for the law enforcement agencies to tackle it and put an end to their agenda.

This inhumane ideology of ISIS is like a cancer which can grow within a single mind and can spread to similar weak minded people. Therefore we have to work to find the root cause and apply damage control measures. It is the responsibility of the politicians to look into these issues. 

The author is an International political Lobbyist and Strategist

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