Women, Peace, and Security: Afghanistan-Pakistan Women’s Policy Brief

As challenges arising out of the wave of militancy and terrorism have grown in Afghanistan and Pakistan with destabilizing socio-political impacts in the last 15 years, a crucial missing element has been the women’s voices. This policy brief by PEAD Foundation, Pakistan and DROPS, Afghanistan has tried to highlight this deficiency and proposes how to enhance women role in cross-border peace-building.

The Pakistan-Afghan Women’s Forum for Peace and Democracy (PAWFPD), which was established in 2012, aims at enhancing cross-border cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan by engaging and empowering women from both countries to contribute to peace-building efforts in the region. With women from Afghanistan and Pakistan representing parliamentarians, journalists, academia and the civil society as authors, the PAWFPD has produced a joint Afghanistan-Pakistan Women Policy Brief which illustrates women’s perspectives on lessons learned, solutions to security issues and best practices for building peace for both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

By providing Afghan and Pakistani women in politics, civil society and academia a credible and effective platform to identify tangible strategies that they believe would help to achieve peace in the region, the PAWFPD seeks to assist the respective governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan in finding solutions to the security problems facing both countries. This document is a significant contribution to peace-building efforts in the region and can be utilized as a tool to craft solutions for regional problems.

CRSS, which itself is pursuing a trans-border Pak-Afghan peace and security dialogue, welcomes this policy brief as a supplementary endeavor to all efforts aimed pace promotion and conflict resolution in the region through an informed discourse involving all crucial stakeholders, including women.

Click here to read or download the Policy Brief.

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